"For others, it is simply imagination, but for us, it becomes the reality if DILLI thinks."

“When other people think, it is an imagination, but when Dilli thinks, it becomes a reality.”

With Dilli’s digital printing solutions for a better global environment, we will be your reliable partner to support your business to lead to sustainable success.  

Thank you for our customers for visiting the website of Dilli.

Dilli is only globally recognized company as a digital printing solution in Korea.

We have established ourselves as a leader in the global digital printing market based on our unique inkjet technology and the development and customer sales know-how accumulated over a long history. 

In the future, printing will exist in many forms in all industries.

With eco-friendly printing on a wide range of materials used in various industries, users can easily, quickly, and safely print what used to be complicated and dangerous printing such as labels, flexible packaging, and packaging. In addition, through infinite digital printing, all of our employees are doing their best to help our customers prepare and develop a future-oriented business.

With various international certifications that meet the high level of safety and quality standards of advanced countries, and also by using strict evaluation and management techniques, 
you can experience sustainable value in all products line and services of Dilli, which are digital, eco-friendly, and customer-oriented management activities.

As a youth-friendly small and medium-sized enterprise, Dilli CO., Ltd. is committed to creating good job opportunities, and we are practicing many kinds of warm sharing for the development of the local community. To all shareholders, partners, employees and customers as a listed company, we will create a company that meets ESG, which is trusted and loved. 

In the future, we will continue to provide customized solutions for each segment of customers based on advanced technology. We will also support continuous growth through the total service connected with it. 

Thank you.

President / Ph.D. Engineering
Choi, Keun Soo