"For others, it is simply imagination, but for us, it becomes the reality if DILLI thinks."
 Five working days a week

Long year employees and good employees given opportunities for travel abroad

 Financial support for children attending high or mid schools

- Flowers and financial support for employee's anniversaries
- Additional financial support through operation of employee's clubs

 Various souvenirs and gifts
- gifts for holidays, day of establishment & labor day
Flower basket and souvenirs on wedding anniversaries or birth days

- Condomium membership for holiday seasons or workshops

Financial support for education
- Each employee is financially supported for enhancing their capabilities at work

 Support for club activities 
- Club activities supported by internal welfare funding
- Monthly payment for club activities to promote such activities according to internal company rules

Management of internal labor welfare funding
- Low interest lending available for housing and living expenses
- Supports expenses for cultural activities of employees

Health, Hygienic 
- Annual health tests for all employees

- Dormitory available for those who cannot commute to workplace.